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LED Tunnel Light

2019 new private mode high light efficiency intelligent integrated LED solar street light garden light human body infrared microwave radar induction road light finished lamp housing kit engineering street lamp preferred.


1. Integrated design, a variety of anti-rust and anti-corrosion technology, ultra-thin lamp body, head and tail arc design, smooth lines, beautiful, durable.

2. Better heat dissipation ensures the service life of the LED lamp.

3. The lamp body has a hole design on both sides of the front lens and combines with the aluminum heat dissipation on the back to achieve a 3D cooling effect. It is both beautiful and timely to transfer the heat generated by the light source.


-Lens without screws, slim lamp body design, beautiful appearance.

-Professional light distribution, with well-known brand light source, higher efficiency, more stable light efficiency, longer life.

-Profile aluminum heatsink More efficient cooling than die-casting aluminum.

-With built-in light sensor It will turn on/off when night/day automately, fully intelligent operation.

-Intelligent control can set brightness in a certain hours period independently, effectively reduce power consumption after mid-night.


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